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The geopolitics of the Arctic: What it means for the EU, Russia and India

Hindustan Times 21 Oct 2021
... overland fibre optic cables, heavy icebreaker ships and Search and Rescue (SAR) capable aircraft based in the region. Russia is notably laying submarine cables in the Arctic under the Polar Express project and has the largest number of nuclear-powered heavy icebreaker ships.

China and Russia send message to Japan and US with first-of-its-kind transit by warships

Business Insider 20 Oct 2021
The strait is an international waterway due to a Cold War-era decision to allow US ships carrying nuclear weapons to pass through without violating Japan's non-nuclear position ... The strip of unclaimed water permitted US ships carrying nuclear weapons to transit the strait without ...

Navy report finds major ‘failures’ led to loss of USS Bonhomme Richard

New York Post 20 Oct 2021
Wife of Navy nuclear engineer arrested for selling secrets appears to support ‘resistance,’ BLM. Navy engineer, wife accused of trying to sell nuclear submarine secrets ... Most shockingly, the report lists three dozen officers and sailors whose failings either directly led to the ship’s loss or contributed to it.

AUKUS nuclear submarine deal threatens global stability

People Daily 20 Oct 2021
and the UK will help Australia build nuclear-powered submarines ...There is a potential risk that another non-nuclear-weapon State will be used to deploy nuclear-weapon States’ military nuclear infrastructure ... even shipped 130 tons of nuclear contaminated soil from nuclear testing grounds in Nevada all the way to the Marshall Islands.

These small nuclear reactors could be the future of clean energy video - CNET

CNET 20 Oct 2021
NuScale Power is the first company to receive approval from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission for small modular reactors, which are designed to be built in factories and shipped for their final installation ... .

Australia to receive UK nuclear waste shipment amid bitter dispute over national storage facility

The Guardian 20 Oct 2021
Two-tonne load to be stored at Sydney’s Lucas Heights until national facility built in several years ...

China’s Military Engages In Beach Assault Drills In Province Closest To Taiwan

OWP 20 Oct 2021
Reuters reported that Taiwan’s defense ministry expressed concern of “China’s growing prowess, with new aircraft carriers, nuclear-powered submarines and amphibious assault ships coming into service.” The increased capabilities of China’s military show that it is imperative that ...

Rumors of Chinese ‘hypersonic missile test’ don’t worry Russia given ‘allied relations,’ Moscow says, as ...

Russia Today 19 Oct 2021
Russian Navy successfully fires Zircon anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile from nuclear submarine for first time ever. Earlier this month, Russia announced that it had successfully fired the Zircon anti-ship hypersonic missile from a nuclear submarine for the first time in history.

Radiant Aims To Replace Diesel Generators With Small Nuclear Reactors

Slashdot 19 Oct 2021
California company Radiant has secured funding to develop a compact, portable, "low-cost" one-megawatt nuclear micro-reactor that fits in a shipping container, powers about 1,000 homes and uses a helium coolant instead of water ... Radiant says its fuel "does not melt down, and withstands higher temperatures when compared to traditional nuclear fuels."

Chinese Naval Strategy’s Covert Dimensions

The Wire 19 Oct 2021
Foreign vessels such as foreign submarines, nuclear-powered ships, ships carrying radioactive, toxic or hazardous materials and any other vessels that “may endanger the maritime traffic safety” of China are required to provide information including their ships’ ...

ASEAN needs to go back to basics to prevent big-power clash

Asiatimes 18 Oct 2021
The treaty provides that “each state party, on being notified, may decide for itself whether to allow visits by foreign ships and aircraft to its ports and airfields.” This could be tightened by recommending that its members not allow port visits by nuclear-powered and nuclear-weapon-bearing vessels, like New Zealand has done.

American Pravda: Remembering the Liberty, by Ron Unz

The Unz Review 18 Oct 2021
America, recalls that his entire ship was put into “Condition November,” a top alert status only used in connection with armed nuclear warheads, and that the special bombs being loaded onto the A-4 Skyhawk bombers were unlike any he had previously seen, while also being escorted by Marine guards, another very unusual situation.

Chinese naval strategy's covert dimensions

Suryaa 18 Oct 2021
Foreign vessels such as foreign submarines, nuclear-powered ships, ships carrying radioactive, toxic or hazardous materials and any other vessels that "may endanger the maritime traffic safety" of China are required to provide information including their ships' names and numbers, recent locations, satellite telephone numbers and dangerous goods.

Russia suspends its mission to NATO, foreign minister says

San Francisco Chronicle 18 Oct 2021
MOSCOW (AP) — Russia’s foreign minister said Monday that the country is suspending its mission to NATO ... 1. Or it may take several more days,” Lavrov said ... Russia and NATO also have been at odds over Moscow's nuclear missile development, aerial intrusions into NATO airspace and the buzzing of allied ships by fighter planes ... .

Russia Suspends Operations Of Its Mission At NATO As Relations With West Deteriorate Further

Radio Free Europe 18 Oct 2021
Lavrov added that the NATO Secretariat was notified of the steps taken by the Russian side ... The 30-member western alliance is also concerned about Russia's nuclear missile development, aerial intrusions into NATO airspace, and the buzzing of allied ships by Russian fighter planes ....